Isaiah 57: Decoding Ancient Comfort?

Explore Isaiah 57's compelling lessons on righteousness & humility before God. Learn how a contrite heart can bring peace, end idolatry & immoral behaviors.

What It Means in the Bible

Isaiah 57 discusses a range of moral and spiritual issues, contrasting the behaviors of the wicked with those who are righteous and humble before God.

This chapter highlights God’s promise to restore the contrite and to bring peace, while it condemns idolatry and immoral behaviors.

Keywords and Phrases from Isaiah 57:

  • Righteous (vv. 1-2): The righteous are at peace in death, for they walk uprightly, free from the corruption faced in life.
  • Contrite and lowly (vv. 15-16): A contrite spirit and a lowly attitude allow God to dwell with you, to revive you, and bring renewed life.
  • Idolatry (vv. 3-13): Worshipping idols is equated with adultery and lust, draining one’s strength and forsaking hope in God.
  • Peace and healing (vv. 18-19): God promises to heal and comfort you, giving peace to both the far and the near.

In your life, when you face moral dilemmas or notice the allure of modern “idols” like money and status, recall that a humble and contrite heart is valued by God.

Instead of succumbing to practices and habits that draw you away from your faith, focus on fostering peace within yourself and your environment.

Show kindness to those around you, and strive to live uprightly.

Whether it’s volunteering, engaging in fair business practices, or supporting those in need, living out these values not only benefits others but aligns you with the principles of righteousness and peace mentioned in Isaiah 57.