What Will We Do in Heaven? Exploring Eternity’s Pursuits

Explore the activities and experiences that await believers in heaven - worship, fellowship, exploration, serving, rest, reuniting, learning, celebrating, receiving, engaging, and ruling with Christ.

Eternal Life in Heaven

Eternal life in heaven is depicted in the Bible as an endless period with a variety of fulfilling activities and experiences.

Believers will engage in worship, serving God, and enjoy communion with fellow saints and heavenly beings.

According to scripture, the afterlife is a dynamic existence, full of the glory and love of God.

Worship and Fellowship

In heaven, people will gather in worship and praise of God, alongside angels and a great multitude of other believers.

This communal experience reflects the unity and love emphasized throughout the Bible for eternity.

Exploring God’s Creation

Scripture suggests believers may have the opportunity to explore the new heaven and new earth, marvelling at the expansiveness of God’s creation, which will reflect His majesty and glory forever.

Serving with Purpose

The notion of serving God eternally depicts a joyous and purposeful act.

Believers will have various roles and responsibilities, fulfilling the work of God with joy and without fatigue.

Rest and Reflection

There will also be a time for rest and peace, as believers reflect on the love and sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

In this rest, there is an eternal comfort and joy known only to those who are in the presence of the Lord.

Reuniting with Loved Ones

Believers anticipate reuniting with friends and family who have passed away, a reunion made possible by the salvation offered through Jesus Christ, fostering everlasting relationships in love and fellowship.

Learning and Growth

The pursuit of knowledge and understanding of God will continue in heaven, as saints are likely to grow in their comprehension of scripture and the nature of Christ.

They will never cease to explore the depths of God’s love and wisdom.

Celebrating and Feasting

An important part of eternal life will be celebration, likely marked by feasting, such as the anticipated Marriage Supper of the Lamb, symbolizing the joy and abundance in the presence of God.

Receiving a Glorified Body

Believers are promised resurrection and glorified bodies, free from sickness and death.

These new bodies will be equipped to enjoy the eternal experiences of heaven.

Engaging in Creation

Heaven may provide opportunities for creative expression, as beings engage with creation in new ways, possibly through art, building, and design, all reflecting the creativity of the Creator.

Ruling with Christ

Those in heaven will participate in ruling with Christ, likely sharing in His authority and participating in the governance of the new heaven and new earth under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section explores common inquiries regarding the activities, existence, roles, service, bodily transformation, and personal recognition in heaven as described by biblical texts and Catholic doctrine.

What activities might we engage in according to biblical descriptions of heaven?

In heaven, individuals may participate in joyous feasting, as the wedding supper of the lamb is highlighted in Revelation 19:7-9, symbolizing celebration and communion.

They are also expected to be in a state of worship, reflecting a profound connection with the divine.

How does Catholic doctrine describe our existence in heaven?

Catholic doctrine posits that existence in heaven is a perfect union with God.

The soul’s deepest desires are fulfilled as they align with what God intends, indicative of an eternal harmony with the Divine Will.

Can you share some insights on the roles we might assume in heaven?

While many specific roles in heaven are not detailed, it is believed that serving and honoring God will be central for those in heaven, as service is a form of worship which continues in the afterlife.

In what ways might we serve or honor God after entering heaven?

Worship in heaven involves not just adoration but also serving the Lord in various capacities.

The exact nature of this service is a mystery, though it is clear that it extends beyond earthly worship forms.

How does scripture depict the transformation of our bodies in the afterlife?

Scripture speaks of a transformation where believers are promised resurrected bodies, free from mortal sufferings and limitations, aligning with the glorified state of existence as seen in 1 Corinthians 15:42-44.

Could you explain how personal recognition or identity will work in the heavenly realm?

The Bible suggests that personal identity and recognition will be retained in heaven.

Individuals will be known as they were on earth, shown in passages like Matthew 8:11 and Luke 16:19-31, indicating a continuity of individuality and relationships.