Matthew: Who Decided It’s a Go-To for Baby Boys?

Uncover the connections between the Old Testament and Jesus' life, find inspiration for fresh starts, practice forgiveness and compassion, and create spaces of love and justice in your daily life.

Biblical Significance and Life Application

Matthew highlights the connections between the Old Testament (OT) and the life of Jesus, drawing a clear line from Abraham through King David to the Messiah, affirming Jesus as the fulfillment of prophetic genealogy.

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” – Matthew 1:1 KJV

You can reflect on your own heritage and the legacy you want to leave.

Just as the genealogy of Jesus was important in establishing His role and purpose, your family history shapes you, yet your actions today can define your path ahead.

Consider the virgin birth of Jesus, a key event in Matthew, which speaks of divine intervention and holy beginnings.

Here’s an encouragement to look for fresh starts in your life, recalling that miraculous changes can happen, often when least expected.

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” – Matthew 1:23 KJV

"None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand." - (Daniel 12:10)

What does this mean for you? Learn more here.

In your interactions with others, remember that the grace shown to us through Jesus offers a model for forgiveness and compassion.

When faced with hardships or others’ mistakes, offer kindness and understanding.

In Matthew’s recounting of Jesus’s ministry, a central message is the kingdom of heaven, a concept that you can bring into daily life by creating spaces of love, peace, and justice around you.

Your actions, big or small, contribute to a collective effort to embody these heavenly principles.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” – Matthew 3:2 KJV

When encountering Scripture or divine guidance, as Joseph did through a dream, let yourself trust in paths that might not be your own.

Sometimes, your life’s direction or decisions may be influenced by an understanding that there is a higher plan in motion.

But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.” – Matthew 1:20 KJV